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No reply to information requested

We aim to answer your questions as quickly as possible. However there are occasions, depending on the nature and complexity of your enquiry, when additional time may be required.

When one of our information request forms in completed we reply to it within 24 hours (Monday - Friday). However a small percentage of people contact us saying that they have not heard anything from us and it has been days, sometimes weeks.

This is often because of the following reasons:

1. Contacting you by phone - Depending on the enquiry we may sometimes need to ring you. Due to the amount of phone spam and cold callers now plaguing businesses, companies, often when enquiring with several PSP's, will either forget who they have contacted or will not notify the persons answering the phone. This means that they will not take our genuine calls.

2. Contacting you by email - When we reply to enquiries via email, our genuine emails sometimes get lost in Junk or Spam filters. If you have not received your emails please check all spam filters and junk mail folders before contacting us as this can often be the reason for missing emails. Please set your Junk or Spam filters to accept emails from the following domain '@web-merchant.co.uk'

3. You are clearly shown as prohibited - Some companies that are clearly shown as being prohibited contact us to ask if we can help. Due to the amount of enquiries we receive for companies we can help, we are simply unable to answer enquiries from companies we can not.


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