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IMPORTANT: We are not Visa or MasterCard, the companies who supply 3D Secure. Our accounts simply integrate into their verification system as part of our online payment solution. Therefore we are unable to answer ANY 3D Secure questions or issues. If you are having problems with 3D Secure then please contact Visa, MasterCard, the website owner or your original account provider.

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3D Secure - All you need to know

You can reduce your exposure to fraud by using '3D Secure'. If your customers join 3D Secure, or you force them too, then you can use this feature to identify shoppers as genuine and honest cardholders, before they pay for their online purchase. This reduces fraud, and increases a shopper's confidence in your site.

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Verified by VISA & MasterCard SecureCode

This page provides an introduction to 3D Secure. It is recommended that all members and merchants read this section and download the guide at the bottom of this page.

How it works

The 3D Secure feature enables the shopper to enter a password to confirm their identity with the card issuer. If accepted they then complete their order, and when received by you, you have much more confidence that is genuine and real.

Main Key Benefits

  • Added protection from fraudulent payments

  • Allows you to trade online more safely

  • Enhances shopper confidence and spending

  • Reduces costs from fraudulent chargebacks

Chargeback Liability Shift

If you are enabled for 3D Secure (Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode) you can be protected from certain "it wasn't me" Chargebacks on credit, and some debit, card transactions. According to Visa, over 80% of all chargebacks fall into this 'friendly" fraud-related category. Liability for this kind of chargeback passes from the merchant to the card issuer, even if the card issuer is not a participating member of the scheme, or if the cardholder is not enrolled.

"a real benefit is the assurance members can provide to their cardholders who are considering e-commerce transactions"

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What is it?
What does 3D secure stand for?
Benefits of 3-D Secure
Benefits for Members
Benefits for Cardholder
Benefits for Merchants
Do I need to do anything?
American Express SafeKey


What is it?

The 3-D Secure™ protocol was developed by Visa to improve the security of Internet payments. The protocol is offered with the service name Verified by Visa. MasterCard has also adapted a similar protocol called MasterCard SecureCode. Both are designed to allow authentication of cardholders by their Issuers at participating merchants.


The objective is to benefit all participants by providing Issuers the ability to fully authenticate cardholders through the use of a password during Internet purchases, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent usage of Visa and MasterCard credit cards and improving overall transaction performance


What does 3D secure stand for?

3D Secure stands for 3 Domain Secure. The three parties involved in the 3D Secure process are the following:

1) The Vendor
2) The Acquiring Bank
3) Visa and MasterCard

Please note that 3D secure does not totally eliminate fraud or chargebacks, therefore merchants should continue to use their anti-fraud systems and security measures

Benefits of 3-D Secure

The combined effect of ease and flexibility of implementation, secure transmission of account information, and reduced disputes offers the following benefits for all parties involved:

  • Increased consumer confidence, leading to increased sales

  • Increased card acceptance through better merchant confidence in accepting international transactions

  • Reduced cardholder disputes, exception handling, retrievals, chargebacks, re-presentments and associated handling costs

Benefits for Members

The primary benefit of 3-D Secure for Members is the reduction in disputed transactions and the resultant exception handling expense and losses. It is expected that nearly 80% of all e-commerce chargebacks and fraud, and a substantial proportion of customer complaints, could be eliminated with the use of Authenticated Payment. This will have a positive impact on Member profitability.


A less tangible, but nevertheless real, benefit is the assurance members can provide to their cardholders who are considering e-commerce transactions. Studies indicate that as many as a third of cardholders are afraid to shop online due to security concerns. Authenticated Payment may convince prospective ecommerce shoppers that it is safe to use their card online.


Benefits for Cardholder

  • Increased consumer confidence when purchasing

  • No special software is needed at the cardholder device

  • Easy to use

  • Control over card use for online purchases


Benefits for Merchants

  • Minimal impact on merchant’s interaction with consumer

  • Increased sales by enhancing consumer confidence

  • Reduced risk of fraudulent transactions

  • Decrease in disputed transactions


Do I need to do anything?

3D secure is available with all of our accounts and no extra development work is required on your site as the process is identical to our standard online payment process, with the exception that we will automatically detect if the cardholder has enrolled to the 3-D secure scheme and will prompt for additional card details. If you are currently using a full API integration some slight integration work may be needed.


American Express SafeKey

The American Express SafeKey® programme ("SafeKey") is a Payer Authentication service that adds an extra layer of security when a participating Cardmember shops online. SafeKey reduces unauthorised online use before it happens by validating the Cardmember’s identity with an additional password or unique value.

What kind of security authentication methods does American Express SafeKey support?

American Express SafeKey works on the 3-D Secure protocol supporting multiple authentication methods

Is American Express SafeKey aligned with industry standards?

Yes, to facilitate ease in certification of American Express SafeKey and minimize development costs as much as possible, SafeKey has aligned with industry standards. Issuers, Acquirers and Vendors should find American Express’s 3-D Secure solution to be virtually the same as others in the payment industry.

Where is American Express SafeKey available?

Additional markets will be added based on Merchant/Issuer requests, market capabilities and governmental regulatory requirement.

United Kingdom France Greece
India Malaysia Russia
Singapore Spain Switzerland
Turkey Vietnam    


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