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Anti-Fraud Solutions as standard

Sophisticated risk management and Bulletproof data security

Security is probably one of the most significant concerns for both the shopper and the retailer during an online transaction. In reality an online transaction is probably more secure than a card transaction in a shop or conducted over the phone, as the information transmitted online is highly encrypted using complicated logarithm combinations.

All of our accounts come with anti-fraud solutions as standard helping you to avoid fraudsters and also tipping you off when a transaction looks suspicious or too good to be true.

As a standard feature, your Web-Merchant account will be equipped with the following features helping you to avoid fraudsters and protecting your business against the risk of fraudulent transactions.


Rigorous intrusion-detection systems notify of unauthorised access attempts

The anti-fraud solution supports the latest international security checks including MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa. Plus, you can configure your own security checks using our online management facilities.

What are the benefits?

Lower costs by reducing online fraud

Increase sales by limiting the number of legitimate purchases you turn down

Easy to set your own security checks

Reduce the time you have to spend on transaction analysis

No software to maintain so it's easy and hassle-free

Constantly evolving & learning, the anti-fraud solution adapts to the latest threats

Sophisticated risk management

Our experience assists you in maximising revenue and minimising risk

Focus is on fraud-reduction, detection, and containment programs

Sophisticated tools include neural network technologies and

Cardholder authentication using AVS, CVV2, and micro-deposits

Real-time analysts research transactions, looking for irregular patterns

Modeling allows us to review trends and write rules to block transactions

Loss recovery program minimises retrievals and chargebacks

Transaction-screening verification against our risk-management database

Protection against fraudulent charges before they occur

Real-time bank authorisation for all transactions, ensuring sufficient funds

Bulletproof data security

All operations run on fully redundant hardware platforms and network feeds

Complete and full 24/7 monitoring

Infrastructure is housed in our world-class, multi-million-pound data centre

Uninterrupted power supplies and backup power generators

Server authentication ensures transaction information from a trusted merchants

Audit logging tracks all operations, allowing administrators to resolve problems

Rigorous intrusion-detection systems notify of unauthorised access attempts

All data is encrypted to eliminate unauthorised access

Experienced Quality Assurance team ensures all security features are functioning.

Flexible financial reporting

Real-time reports provide instant access to view transaction history

Reports can be accessed from within any Internet browser

Reports can be downloaded and imported into your spreadsheet software

Secure connection to the reports server keeps your business data confidential

Reducing fraud and chargebacks even further

As part of our direct merchant account solutions we provide an automated “Smart Dispute” system that fully automates the chargeback dispute process, making sure deadlines are met and no chargeback goes unresolved. Chargebacks are electronically routed to our proprietary Smart Dispute system, where they are analyzed and disputed based on your behalf. Our chargeback management team is also on hand to assist you in implementing best practices for avoiding chargebacks.

  • Automatically retrieves and disputes chargebacks on behalf of the merchant

  • Monitors chargeback thresholds to ensure merchants remain within acceptable limits

  • Prevents chargebacks from occurring by stopping fraudulent transactions from being processed

  • Assists merchants in disputing invalid chargebacks and recovering funds


Deferred Payments (pre-authorisation)

In addition to the normal online credit and debit card checks, you may want to make offline checks against your shopper's credit or debit card. Deferred payment (or pre-authorisation) gives you the time to make such checks. You can then cancel the transaction, complete it or just simply let it expire after 7 days.

How it works - The shopper enters their card details as normal, the online checks are made, and funds are reserved for payment against the shopper's card. However, the payment is not completed at the time, but deferred, allowing you to make additional offline checks against the card. If you are satisfied with the results of those additional checks, you complete (or post-authorise) the transaction. The shopper is now debited, and remittance (the funds that are made over to you) is made to your account.


Transactions can be manually placed on hold (then released individually or by batch), we can also setup the account to automatically place all transactions on hold. This hold will last for 7 days, to the minute (168 hours).

Pre-authorisation can be done via the virtual terminal or you can manage them using the CMS

This service is provided at no extra cost


Please find a number of fraud prevention facilities and procedures listed below:

Manual review of transactions
AVS / Security Code
Refunding a fraudulent transaction
Implementing 3D Secure


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