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Prevention of chargebacks

AVS / Security Code

The Web-Merchant payment system includes fraud prevention measures designed to help reduce your exposure to fraud and increase shopper confidence in online trading.

One additional security facility is that the Payment Pages will now prompt your shoppers for their card security code and billing address. This information is then compared with the UK card issuer's records (where available) and the results of the comparison passed back to you for consideration. This additional transaction information is designed to help you decide if you should defer delivery, refund the transaction or research further about the cardholder. We and the Acquirer will not decline any transactions based on the card security or address verification.


The Address Verification Service (AVS) enables the address, including postcode, entered by the shopper to be compared against the UK card issuer's records and the results passed back to you via an email, your callback and the CMS. As part of AVS the country associated with the shoppers address will be compared with the country the card was issued in.

To use the AVS verification service the address entered by shopper must be their billing address (the address where the shopper's card statement is currently sent). The billing address must match the address held by the Card Issuer exactly.

Note: The AVS checks are actually down to the individual card issuers, not the acquiring bank. If the card issuer does not support AVS it will not be included in the transaction response. There are a number of countries who do not support AVS across the board not just to merchants who get their merchant accounts from a different country. The general rule is that if the merchant account is set up to support AVS it shouldn’t matter where it is issued, AVS responses will be provided by all card issuers who support it. In general though that AVS outside the UK, Canada and USA is very limited

Security Code

The Security Code verification service enables the card security code entered by the shopper to be compared against the UK card issuer's details and the results passed back to you via an email, your callback and the CMS.

The card security code is a number printed on the card. The number is not embossed on the card and hence not printed on receipts, making it much harder for anyone other than the cardholder to know what the code is. This will help prevent 'cardholder not present' fraud. A security code is now printed on the vast majority of credit/debit cards.

The format and position of the security code varies across card schemes. Some cards have a three-digit number printed at the end of the cards’ signature strip. Some (AMEX cards for example) have a four digit number on the front of the card. Some card issuers refer to this number as the 'Security Code' (for AMEX cards) and others as 'Card Verification Value'. It may also go by the name of 'CVV2' for Visa Cards, or 'Card Verification Code' (CVC) for Mastercard/Eurocard.


We provide AVS/Security Code verification service in conjunction with UK banks and card issuers. We pass the information entered by the shopper to our banking partners who pass it to the card issuers for comparison with their records. The results of the comparison are then passed back, through our system, to you. Both the acquiring bank to whom we pass your transactions and the card issuer must also provide/support an AVS/Security Code verification system in order that the comparison can take place. Where either the acquiring bank or the card issuer does not yet provide support, we pass a 'not supported' message back to you.

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