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CBD and Hemp Oil Merchant Account and Payment Gateway

Looking for payment processing for your CBD or Hemp oil business?
Selling CBD, drops, lotions, sprays, creams, lotions and / or clothing?

Needing a direct merchant account owned by you and in your name?

When it comes to CBD and Hemp Oil based businesses finding a payment processor can be difficult due to its high risk nature and the fact that many payment processors don't want to process payments for it - mainly due to reputational reasons. Also many accounts available for CBD are for non consumed products such as creams and lotions, while our account also allow for products which are to be ingested.

Because we understand the importance of not wondering each day if your existing processor is going to close your account or turn to an aggregator to help, we provide direct merchant accounts (one owned by you in your name) for CBD and Hemp Oil using specialised European acquirers. You also do not have to be incorporated in the US like other merchant account providers - in fact we only help EU companies.

Just some of the benefits of coming to us for your CBD payment processing

Yes 160 processing currencies available
Fast Underwriting and Express Boarding
Yes 27 settlement currencies to choose from
Virtual Terminal for MOTO Payments
Both Merchant Account and Gateway provided

Risk Management / Chargeback Prevention

Yes Advanced Fraud Protection
Recurring Billing
Yes Full Transaction Reporting Tools Yes API Integration and Mobile Applications
Yes Shopping Carts Plugins Available * Yes Full Merchant Support 24/7


Please note that the shopping carts supported are Magento, WooCommerce and NopCommerce, otherwise the API integration is available.

Processing Terms and Conditions


Our CBD merchant accounts are for established businesses only with a minimum of 4 months processing. We will only take new business start-ups when the direct parent company has processing history operating within the same sector.

As the type of products using Hemp and CBD derivatives is vast, you will be required to provide a full list of products sold and a legal confirmation that all products are legal in their targeted markets.

MasterCard may require registration of merchants who operate Hemp and CBD derivatives sites. These Customers are subject to a "High Risk Registration Fee" of $500 per year. This fee is payable once the application has been formally approved and before the account is activated.

IMPORTANT - Please note that we only set-up processing for businesses who follow applicable laws and compliance guidelines. Therefore in order to provide a CBD dedicated account you must adhere to the following:

- Do not sell any products that violate the United Kingdom’s Misuse of Drugs Act 1971
- THC for all products is 0.2% or under
- You are not selling cannabis seeds, MMJ or hemp flowers
- You have a European company of incorporation and sell only to EU countries

If you are unable to adhere to these terms then we can only offer you our eCheck Solution
or aggregated solution

CBD Processing Costs and Fees

Once you have completed the online application form, you will be contacted within 1 - 2 business days by your allocated account manager confirming ALL costs and fees and a list of documents to return if you wish to proceed.

Set-up Fee: Nil
Early Cancellation Fee: Nil
Monthly Fee: 10
Credit Card Fee: 4%
Transaction Fee: 20p
Virtual Terminal: FREE
Settlement: Daily or weekly (subject to application)
Rolling Reserve: 10%
MasterCard Reg Fee: $500
Contract Period: Month to month
Processing Currencies: GBP or EUR
Settlement Currency: EUR

Please note that the above fees are non negotiable. However, after 6 - 12 months processing we will happily revisit costs.

Documentation and Requirements

The following documents are required for Hemp and CBD derivative businesses and receiving them at the point of requesting documentation will help us process the application quickly:

  • The last four months of Processing Statements from your existing acquirer

  • A legal opinion will be required to confirm that the products are: (i) legal in your jurisdiction; and (ii) legal in your targeted market (confirmation of the target markets is required) and (iii) the Solicitor must reference the Laboratory results and it’s compliance with UK and EU rules as to its authenticity and compliance.

  • Chemical/Laboratory results from the testing of CBD to indicate less than 0.2% THC

  • In addition to setting up a merchant account, we will need to open an eWallet for settling payments into. This will be done at the same time as setting up the merchant account and gateway. More details will be sent to you after application.

CBD Merchant Account Approval Timescales

Please note that due to the nature of the business and the underwriting criteria, CBD merchant accounts usually take a little longer than normal lower risk accounts. Therefore once we have received your completed application documents back it takes around 7 - 14 working days to underwrite, approve and set live your payment processing.



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We have one of the best approval rates with 95% of businesses being accepted


Please note we will require full access to the website(s) in question (including log in details) ahead of making a decision.
Read more on website requirements

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