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High-Risk & Adult Account Reporter

The High-Risk Merchant Account back reporter system is a central resource that provides information, support and facilities to help you manage your accounts. From here you can make view transactions, see individual payments for debit and credit cards, make refunds, view statements, use a comprehensive filter search, plus a whole lot more.

The back office facility includes many useful and time-saving features. Some of the tasks you can do with the back office include:

Find all your individual authorizes, captures, payments, refunds and voids

Makes full or part refunds

Viewing your account balance and details with the Account Statement tool
Generating reports or searching for information

Downloading reports in CSV format

View totals for Payments, Chargebacks and Refunds

You can use the main filter to search by :

Accounts. The merchant accounts

Acquirers. The acquiring banks

Card types. The card issuers, like Visa, MasterCard etc

The countrycode that came with the transactions

The original currencies of the transactions.

Your Members

Payment methods.

You can doubleclick any item in these lists to select just that item. You can also navigate quickly to an item in the list by typing their first letter(s).

Period, consisting of :

  • From date. The minimum date of the records to retrieve. You can change this by either typing numbers, changing sections with up and down arrows or select a date via the calendar under the arrow.

  • To date. The maximum date of the records to retrieve. For whole days, this date is _included_. You can change this by either typing numbers, changing sections with up and down arrows or select a date via the calendar under the arrow.

  • A box to specify the two dates quickly, e.g. "Yesterday", "Last week" etc.

A comprehensive user guide is available after you apply

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"The back office report includes many useful and time-saving features to help run your business"

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