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Forget about going straight to your bank for your merchant services. Because we use an independent provider, we make the task of accepting cards in your business a simple and straight forward process. We have the fastest turnaround of any provider in the UK (days, not weeks), No hidden fees, 24 Hour service and the latest hardware.

Whether your are new or established, if you are wanting to start accepting cards, we can help. Web-Merchant Services will always find you better rates and terms than going direct to your own bank. We also do not require you to change your current banking arrangements.

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Will my business benefit from accepting cards?

Yes, in today’s economic environment most consumers and an increasing percentage of businesses expect to be able to use debit & credit cards to pay for their goods and services. Taking card payments means you can benefit from the total payment market opportunity, rather than just restricting your business to the amount of cash that your customer’s have in their pocket.

What do I need to start taking debit and credit cards?

The main things you need to start accepting payments are:

1. A merchant account
2. A current business bank account
3. A credit card terminal to process payments

We can help provide all of these for you

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