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Face To Face Payment facilities

When it comes to supplying your face to face chip and pin credit card payment solutions, we provide following:

Quick set-up of days, not weeks

In most cases, your facility will be up and running days after we received your signed application and supporting documentation..

Switching Supplier

If you wish to switch to us we offer expert advice, guidance and assistance throughout the switching process.

Assistance with paperwork

We have dedicated personnel to help you with the completion of the required paperwork to change your terminal and acquirer

Help desk open 24 hours a day 365 days a year

Just a phone call away and available throughout the year.

Online Payment facilities

As well we supplying offline payment solutions we also provide online payments. We provide everything you need to accept card payments online. We offer FOUR crucial elements in one online payment solution.

Merchant Account

Fundamental to anyone wanting to accept cards

Secure Payment Gateway

Essential for your website to authorise payments

API and Guides with FREE technical support

Allowing you to integrate your website to the payment system seamlessly

FREE Virtual Terminal or VPOS

Enabling your business to process transactions over the phone

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93% of people switching saved money

Saving couldn't be simpler

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