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TMF Accounts
Terminated Merchant Accounts

Terminated Merchant Accounts are also known as:

  • Terminated Merchant Facility
  • Terminated Merchant File
  • MATCH file

A TMF is the worst thing that can happen to your business!

If your acquiring bank ends your processing on negative terms it is most likely that the account will be classed as 'terminated' and will become a TMF. If this happens then it means that your account has been blacklisted and will remain this way for a minimum of 5 years. It is almost impossible to come back from it and you will be unable to get an account from any other bank.

We believe TMF's are not always that simple...

Don't get us wrong, some merchants deserve to be put on the TMF list, but not all. The rules to whether or not you can and will be blacklisted are in a very grey area. In fact we have found that some merchant's have been TMF'd simply because the person they spoke to at the bank disliked them.

... MasterCards own rules and procedures state the following:

" MasterCard does not verify, otherwise confirm, or ask for confirmation of either the basis for or accuracy of any information that is reported to or listed in MATCH. It is possible that information has been wrongfully reported or inaccurately reported. It is also possible that facts and circumstances may be subject to interpretation and dispute."

How can we help?

Because we have a large network of UK banks it means we have a fairly good success with helping businesses that become TMF. However depending on the reason for the TMF depends on whether or not we can help.

Below are MATCH codes which indicate why an acquirer reported a terminated merchant to MATCH. Any codes highlighted in 'red' means we are unable to help under any circumstances. This would also be the same for any other payment provider or acquirer. However if you have a code highlighted in 'blue' then there is a good chance we may be able to help.

Green = May be able to help
Red = Can not help

Account Data Compromise
The Merchant unknowingly or unintentionally facilitated, by any means, the unauthorized disclosure or use of account information.
Common Point of Purchase (CPP)
The Merchant knowingly caused or facilitated, by any means, the unauthorized disclosure or use of account information.
The Merchant was engaged in laundering activity. Laundering means that a Merchant presented to its Acquirer Transaction records that were not valid Transactions for sales of goods or services between that Merchant and a bona fide Cardholder.
Excessive Chargebacks
With respect to a Merchant reported by a MasterCard Acquirer, the Merchant's chargebacks in any single month exceeded 1% of its MasterCard sales Transactions in that month, and those chargebacks totaled USD 5,000 or more. With respect to a merchant reported by an American Express acquirer (ICA numbers 102 through 125), the merchant exceeded the chargeback thresholds of American Express, as determined by American Express.
Excessive Fraud
The Merchant effected fraudulent Transactions of any type (counterfeit or otherwise) meeting or exceeding the following minimum reporting Standard: the Merchant's fraud-to-sales dollar volume ratio was 8% or greater in a calendar month, and the Merchant effected 10 or more fraudulent Transactions totaling USD 5,000 or more in that calendar month.
Fraud Conviction
There was a criminal fraud conviction of a principal owner or partner of the Merchant.
Bankruptcy / Liquidation/ Insolvency
The Merchant is unable to discharge its financial obligations.
Violation of Standards
With respect to a Merchant reported by a MasterCard Acquirer, the Merchant was in violation of one or more Standards that describe procedures to be employed by the Merchant in Transactions in which Cards are used, including, by way of example and not limitation, the Standards for honoring all Cards, displaying the Marks, charges to Cardholders, minimum/maximum Transaction amount restrictions, and prohibited Transactions set forth in Chapter 5 of the MasterCard Rules manual. With respect to a merchant reported by an American Express acquirer (ICA numbers 102 through 125), the merchant was in violation of one or more American Express bylaws, rules, operating regulations, and policies that set forth procedures to be employed by the merchant in transactions in which American Express cards are used.
Merchant Collusion
The Merchant participated in fraudulent collusive activity.
PCI Data Security Standard Noncompliance
The Merchant failed to comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard requirements.
Illegal Transactions
The Merchant was engaged in illegal Transactions.
Identity Theft
The Acquirer has determined that the identity of the listed Merchant or its principal owner(s) was unlawfully assumed for the purpose of unlawfully entering into a Merchant Agreement.


Please note, that on top of the above codes, we can only help if:

  • You are incorporated in the UK
  • Are not a prohibited business
  • We receive a complete and full explanation of what happened
  • Explanation of how you intend to prevent it from happening again
  • Can show good previous processing / trading history

    And finally,

  • You do not owe any money to the previous bank, processor or acquirer

Without these points being met we will not be able to help.

What next?

If you think we may be able to help then please email us initially with a detailed explanation of what happened to cause the TMF. We will then determine if we can help or not. If we feel you might be in with a chance we will then request further information and documents. However please do not send these in the first instance -



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