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Payment Demos

This section is designed to help you understand the process that both you and your customers will go through when using our systems. For security reasons these are not on the payment gateway system. Therefore it is not a live page and you will not need to input your own personal information or card details.

Payment Page

Please note that due to the innovation of our business payment methods and guides are often subject to adjustment. Therefore the below information may change without notice.

However complete and up-to-date guides will be provided once your account has been activated


Please choose below the demo you would like to view:

For more information on integrations and the different methods click here


Secure Payment Pages

This section is designed to help you understand the process that your customers will go through when they pay either on your website directly, by dynamic payment link, via a shopping cart or when you use a virtual terminal. Please note that we supply comprehensive integration documentation in addition to live technical support.

Hosted Payment Page Demo

This demo explains how your customers will complete the payment pages to make a purchase from your website. For the purposes of the payment page demo we have used the Web Payments API using the standard merchant account and gateway. However this works in a very similar way to our high-risk account Web Service Integration. Integrating our API will allow you to accept credit and debit card payments directly on your web site and allows you to edit the payment pages however you wish.

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Static Payment Page Demo

With the Static version, you generate a link for each product/price combination in advance. When your customer clicks on the link to purchase the product, the Secure Payment Page is presented to the customer showing the price that you specified in advance. This version is simple to use, and is appropriate when your site does not include shopping cart features like multiple products, quantities, shipping fees, or taxes.

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Dynamic Payment Page Demo

The Dynamic version allows you to create a customised link on your web site for each order as it is placed by your customer, regardless of the number of different products purchased. This version is ideal if your site includes shopping cart functionality.

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Shopping Cart Payment Page demo

This shopping cart gives you a taste of what your store or website will look like once it is integrated into our secure payment environment using either the dynamic payment page or the complete API. All of which can be downloaded from our 'Downloads & Guides' section of the Web Merchant website.


Virtual Terminal Demo

Web Merchant Services provide a FREE payment terminal that is a secure interface that will enable your business to process credit card transactions. You can also have multiple users using the virtual terminal at any one time. This means you can use it in a shop or call centre. No more having to wait for one person to process a transaction before another can be taken.

The Virtual Terminal is supplied with our standard account. This demo explains how to use the Mail and Telephone Order Payment Service (MOTO). For banking security reasons we are unable to provide an actual test account, but have duplicated what the page will look like exactly. You can view both the Basic terminal or the Advanced terminal which both of which come with the account

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Customer Management Systems (CMS)

The CMS is a central resource that provides information, support and facilities to help you manage your accounts. From here you can make full or partial refunds, change login and passwords and other account information, view statements, and a whole lot more. It is one of a number of tools we provide to help you carry out a range of tasks

The Merchant Account and Gateway’s intuitive and versatile merchant interface makes it easy to use all the functions, from running reports to processing transaction requests. Just navigate the tabs on any of the back office pages to access the function you need.

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