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What is a rolling reserve?

Many banks require a non-interest-bearing deposit equal to 1 or 2 times the average estimated monthly credit card sales by a merchant. This can pose a substantial barrier to accepting credit cards for some merchants.

To overcome this barrier, some of our accounts include a reserve. The rolling reserve holds either 5 or 10 % of total approved transactions over the previous six month period.

Why do we do this? The purpose of this deposit is to cover any purchase refused by a customer and for which the customer's credit card issuer refuses to pay (a chargeback). A reserve is normally placed for higher risk business models where disputes often occur, or for start-up businesses where there is no processing history.

How does it work? Following the seventh month of operation (and every month thereafter) the reserves generated from the first month of operation (and every month thereafter) will be forwarded to the merchant of each sale for a specified period, after which time it is paid to you.

Please read 'What is a chargeback and how do I avoid them?'


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