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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the FAQ's for our three main payment solutions - Standard, High Risk and Adult accounts.

Detailed information for all our products and services can easily be found by using the links above. However if you are unable to find the information you require then these are the most frequently asked questions regarding our Internet Merchant Accounts and Secure Payment Gateways.

Once you have read the FAQ's we recommend also reading our 'important information' section as we have outlined what we feel are the most important parts of the merchant account and gateway that you need to understand before applying

If we are unable to set you up with a direct merchant account (one owned by you, in your name) we will provide an aggregated solution. Please note that we will inform you at time of application if we will be supplying an aggregared solution and where it will be located - Canada, EU or US.

European and American (North and Central) aggregated solution FAQ's

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