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Need a peptide, kratom, research chemical, MMJ or cannabis merchant account?

Unfortunately there are some businesses that banks, as well as the card schemes, do not allow. These types of merchants are prone to either high levels of financial risk, liability or the banks do not want to associate with them due to reputational reasons. However working with off-shore acquirers we can set-up merchant processing for many high risk businesses. This is where our aggregated merchant account or eCheck solutions come in *

Quick approval with limited documents needed and only 10% reserve

* With VISA actively searching for and closing very high risk merchant accounts, we ALWAYS recommend our non VISA acquired eCheck solution to accompany our traditional online payment methods.



Need a more mainstream high risk account for dating, e-cigs, debt collection etc? Please click here


What is an aggregated processing account?

An aggregated processor (aka third party processing) lets you accept payments without a merchant account of your own. Instead, the acquiring bank lets you use their merchant account under their own terms of service. This is legitimate and is common practice with very high risk businesses

Please note that we provide both the MID and the gateway as an aggregated solution can not be used with any other gateways.

Our comprehensive FAQ's section has all the answers to the most common questions about our aggregated solution.

Below are just some of the features that we provide as standard

Merchant Account and Gateway Accept Visa and MasterCard
Multiple Currencies

Free Virtual Terminal

Real-time transactions

Customer Relations Management

Below are the businesses we can help with our third party solution

Yes Cannabis Seeds Yes Replica Items Yes Binary Options Yes Herbal / Kratom / Salvia
Yes MMJ Yes Pharma Yes Technical Support Yes Peptides

Transaction rates and fees

There are many factors that are taken into consideration to determine your fees - business type, country of incorporation, turnover etc. However we understand that every merchant is different, and costs cannot be determined until we can learn about your business.

We do have one of the best approval rates with 95% of businesses being accepted. Also please note that once the account is processing and the volume established, we can re-look at the costs

Please note that currently we can only help businesses with established processing volume (unless using our eCheck Solution)

If you would like to apply please use the following
online application form

To sign up for the High-Risk Merchant Account and Gateway please complete the following online application form.

Once you have completed the below form, you will be contacted within 2 - 3 business days by your allocated account manager who will discuss all costs, fees and the next steps. Please note that even though we will be using banks outside the United Kingdom, your application will be handled here in the UK so you do not have to worry about time zones or language barriers.


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