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Integrating your website with our payment system

There are numerous ways to integrate your eCommerce website. The method you choose will depend on your individual requirements. Below you will find information regarding integrations for all our merchant account solutions.

We understand that our merchants vary with respect to their needs and requirements.

Whether you have a website or shopping cart, have no prior integration experience or are a fully fledged developer, our processing options give you the flexibility to select from one or all of our interfaces.

On top of this we provide 24/7 technical support, a comprehensive online portal and also provide test environments and test accounts to enable you to fully test your website and ecommerce integration.


"customerIp" : "",
"merchantRefNum" : "MERCHANT_REF_123",
"currencyCode" : "GBP",
"totalAmount" : 1125,
"customerNotificationEmail" : "john.smith@email.com",
curl -X POST \
-u jTxL2wsNysJ8Jzmpdwim:NAA043a7c53c66ac3826c5e \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{"merchantRefNum": "MERCHANT_REF_123", "currencyCode": "GBP", "totalAmount": 1000 }' \


There are many different ways to integrate your website

Complete API
Hosted Payment Page
Cart Plug-Ins
Complete API

Our payment platform enables you to accept card payments directly on your site allowing a customer to
have a secure and seamless experience. Concise and easy to understand, our API's give developers the flexibility and features that they require when designing sophisticated applications.
Hosted Payment Page

With the Hosted Payment Page (for both mobile and static websites), you only have to add a single HTML link allowing information to pass between your site and us. It is the simplest, quickest and easiest method of integration and will work on just about any platform.
Alternative Payments

Offer targeted, localised payment methods and increases the success of a transaction by 25%. Customers are increasingly expecting choice when paying online, with 50% abandoning a transaction because a payment method they wanted wasn’t available

Benefits of the API:

  • All controlled through the API

  • Seamless integration and design

  • Transparent purchase process

  • Ideal for larger merchants

Benefits of the Hosted Page:

  • No cost for SSL certificate

  • Reduced PCI considerations

  • Ease of integration

  • Plug-in availability

Benefits of Alternative Payments:

  • Reach non card holders

  • More consumer choice

  • Convert Worldwide shoppers

  • Less development

Mobile and App Payments

We provide mobile SDKs to start processing payments from within your native mobile applications, quickly and securely. We provide SDKs for both Android and iOS and offer full support.

Please click here for more information on our mobile payment solutions

Hassle Free Integration Support

We want to make sure you can integrate as quickly and easily as possible so will guide you through the entire integration process from start to finish (we can often provde free integration - subject to website requirements). You will have a dedicated integrations team at your disposal who will be there from the beginning, helping you with whatever you need to get the integration done.

We will also be there with any ongoing support you may need.

After integrating take advantage of our fantastic FREE features

Mobile / Smartphone Payments

Our smartphone solution provides businesses of all sizes with end-to-end, fully transactional mcommerce solutions. Business owners can effectively showcase their goods and services to customers using mobile devices, leading to increased sales and deeper engagement.

The Smart Phone API allows you to collect cardholder and transaction details within your app and to submit them directly for processing. It is lightweight and extremely easy to integrate, providing you with complete control of your payment infrastructure and a truly 'In App' experience for the consumer.

If you wish to integrate our mobile payment page, we provide full guides and UK based support. Guides and test environments are available once your application is approved

Please click here for more information on our mobile payment solutions


Shopping Cart Plugins

Click here for a cross section of companies that have come to us for their payment solution over the years including Lotus Cars, Barr Soft Drinks and Papa Johns.


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