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Standard Account integration methods

There are various ways to start processing credit and debit card payments.

We understand that our merchants vary with respect to their needs and requirements. Whether or not you have a Web site, our processing options give you the flexibility to select from one or all of our interfaces.

Due the nature of our business integrations methods can change. Therefore the information within these documents is subject to change without notice. Up-to-date manuals and integration guides are available once your account is active and ready for testing.

Account Integration Methods:

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Remote API

The Remote API allows you to collect cardholder and transaction details within your website and to submit them directly for processing. This differs from the hosted payment page integration where you submit the transaction details only and we collect the cardholder details. Using the Remote API would be applicable if you have an online store and you wish your shoppers to remain on your site for the whole duration of the transaction.

Security Requirements

Using the Remote API model to send payment data means that you will be capturing, transmitting, and possibly storing card data. The Card Schemes, Visa Europe and MasterCard International, have never permitted the storage of sensitive data and it is prohibited under PCI DSS. Consequently, if you use the Remote API model you will need to demonstrate that your systems can handle this data securely and that you are taking full responsibility for your PCI compliance. One part of this is the need for us to see a clean Vulnerability scan being made on your systems.

Hosted Payment Page

This integration method provides web developers a quick integration to the online Payment Gateway and full Payment Page functionality for processing online card payments.

The Hosted Payment Page (HPP) can be fully customised to match the "look and feel" of the merchant's website.

To process an online payment using the Hosted Payment Page, your website needs to send a simple 'Purchase Request' to our payment gateway to initiate the transaction and we complete the rest of the process.

The shopper is will be returned to the merchant's website with the results of the online payment request. This service is hosted on the secure Payment Servers which are fully PCI DSS certified, so the merchant is not required to have their own SSL certificate.

Benefits of the hosted payment page

  • No cost for SSL certificate: PCI DSS requires that web pages accepting credit card information must have SSLv3 128-bit minimum certificates. The Hosted Payment Page has a 128-bit to 256-bit certificate with full "green bar" functionality for extra customer confidence

  • Reduced PCI DSS considerations: PCI DSS states that any site accepting card information must NEVER store the CVV, and if it does store the card number, it must be 256-bit AES encrypted. Most web servers log traffic to and from them which may include card numbers. These logs would have to be audited on a continual basis to ensure that card numbers are not being stored.

  • Ease of integration: As opposed to other integration methods, the Hosted Payment Page integration is VERY simple. You just have to submit a simple web form to us and then display the response that our host sends back.

  • Plug-in availability: We have HPP plug-ins readily available for almost all our available shopping carts.


Third Party Shopping Carts

Currently we only provide a shopping cart plug-in for Magento. However more will come up in the future...

Alternative Payment Options

Our Alternate Payments API can be used to take payments using a number of alternate payment methods (APMs) popular in countries around the world. This API supports the following payment methods:

SOFORT - Real-time bank transers in most EU countries
iDeal - Real-Time Bank Transfer in the Netherlands only
.boku - Mobile (Carrier billing) in the UK, Sweden, Switzerland
GiroPay - Real-Time Bank Transfer in Germany only

Learn more about Alternative Payments

Mobile payments - Smartphone API

The mobile application allows developers to embed credit or debit card payment capabilities directly into their website or applications. It also allows consumers to authorise payment using voice biometric technology through smartphones.

The Smart Phone API allows you to collect cardholder and transaction details within your app and to submit them directly for processing. It is lightweight and extremely easy to integrate, providing you with complete control of your payment infrastructure and a truly 'In App' experience for the consumer - learn more >>>


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