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Seen a better rate elsewhere?

But is what you asked for really what you're going to get...

If you have seen, or even been offered, a cheaper rate elsewhere we may be able to match it or possibly beat it, even if you are new to online payments. However the deals people receive aren't always what they seem...

We have been around a long time and know the tricks

Sometimes we get potential customers who state that they have been offered a merchant account for as little as 0.6% and that our standard offering is expensive when compared against it. Unfortunately 9 times out of 10 what they are comparing us against isn't actually the same offering, therefore it isn't a fair comparison - for example 0.6% may just be the processing fee, but what about scheme and interchange fees? Even worse, sometimes what they have been offered isn't what they will actually get!

Our rates are the same for all cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) and there’s no difference between EU or Worldwide Cards. Plus all rates offered include all associated fees added together - scheme fee, processing fee and interchange fee. Therefore you will always know exactly what rate you will pay on each transaction.

Unfortunately it's not always due to a lack of understanding, but often deliberate mis-selling...


Can't always blame the customer

We know of a number of banks who are offering standard merchant accounts and not explaining clearly that they are for offline payments, such as chip and pin. On top of this they are also offering what is known as 'capture' pricing where by they advertise, even offer, a very low online transaction rate. It's not until right at the end, when the merchant has been waiting weeks for their account to go live, that they suddenly show the real pricing on their contracts. It is hoped that as the merchant has been waiting so long, and is so close to going live, they will just sign. With Web-Merchant what you see is what you get!


It pays to know our competition

Obviously not all our competitors are mis-selling. In fact 90% of online payment service providers are genuine and honest companies. However we do keep a very close eye on them and know exactly what they offer, the terms that they provide it and, most importantly, what they charge.


Are they offering the same as us

Do other online payment companies offer the same elements, features, level of service and FREE ad-on's? Do they provide both the internet merchant account AND gateway? more >>>

When comparing please make sure that you do get the repeat billing facility, multi-currency processing, virtual terminal and PCI compliance for FREE. Unlike us, many providers charge an extra monthly fee for each of these functions.


Beating genuine transaction rates

If you are an established business already taking payments online we will be able to help. We may even beat your current deal. You don't even need to be making squillions or have been trading online for years. We'll even waive the set-up fee. And remember, this offer is available to all business types - low or high risk!

As we're sure you understand, we can not match a quote based on transaction rate alone if the other company is charging an extra fee for the same elements and features that we provide FREE.

To kick start the process please provide us with your recent quote. Including:

  • Merchant contact details & website address

  • Payment processor / bank name

  • Settlement terms offered

  • Transaction rate offered

  • What features and elements, if any, are provided free

IMPORTANT: When forwarding on the email quote please send the original email as an attachment. Do not simply forward it as these can easily be edited.

Please understand that without this information we will be unable to make you an offer.

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