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Internet Merchant Account

What is a merchant account?

A Merchant Account is an account opened through a bank that is a member of the Visa, MasterCard, or other credit card network which allows merchants to accept credit cards. The merchant account verifies and processes credit card and customer information. This includes checking to see if the details supplied are correct (address, card number etc.) and if the card has been reported stolen, or has enough funds.

How does it work?

To accept credit and debit cards online through your website (or virtual terminal) you need both a secure payment gateway and a merchant account.

  • Customer places order on your website and pays by debit or credit card

  • Payment details sent to merchant account via secure payment gateway

  • Merchant account processes payment

  • Once the payment is approved the information is sent back via payment gateway.

  • Customer notified that payment has been successful (or not)

  • Funds settled into your back account (once a week)

Please note that to take payments online you will also need a secure payment gateway.

How it works diagram
Once payment has been taken both you and the customer receive an email detailing the transaction

Why no payment gateway fees applicable?

Because a merchant account only verifies card information and processes payments, no payment gateway fees are applicable. This is left to the gateway provider. This works in the same way that a payment gateway does not have credit card processing fees (transaction rates) as this is left to the merchant account provider.

Please note that with our payment solutions we provide both the merchant account and the gateway in one combined solution, therefore you do not need to apply separately.

I'd like to go head. What next?

By choosing to take advantage of the Web-Merchant service, any would-be merchant will save on charges, have a considerably simpler application process than that offered by the High Street acquiring banks, and have made available to them added value services specially developed by Web-Merchant.

Because we are an independent provider, we make the task of accepting cards in your business a simple and straight forward process.

We supply both the internet merchant account and the secure payment gateway as part of our online payment solution.


Accept telephone payments
Accept phone payments with our virtual terminal
As part of all our payment solutions we provide a FREE virtual terminal to enable you to process phone payments 

learn more >>>

View our account packages
View our account packages
With so many ways to accept online payments, whatever your business needs we have the solution that's right!

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Need a card terminal?
Need a card terminal?
Our credit card terminals, EPoS and merchant account bundles are ideal for SME's - Saving couldn't be simpler!

Anti-Fraud Solutions
Anti-Fraud Solutions
Security and fraud are the biggest and most significant concerns for both the shopper and the retailer 

Free shopping cart plug-ins
Free shopping cart plug-ins
Our payment gateways are supported by most shopping carts. We also provide full technical integration support 

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Our Payment Gateway acts as an intermediary between your website and all the banking systems.

The credit card and customer details are submitted via the gateway, which securely sends the information through the relevant financial networks to the merchant account - learn more >>>


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