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Payments wherever you want, whenever you want

Smartphone Card Terminals

Whether your business occupies a shop, a studio, or a slice of pavement, the Reader empowers you to take card and contactless payments in minutes.

Simply download the free app, connect phone to your card reader, and you're ready to accept card payments

The new iZettle Reader doesn't only make payments look good. It also accepts card payments 25% faster than other mobile credit card terminal on the market. Let your customers tap, insert and swipe away.

Looking for a fixed chip and pin (PDQ) card terminal? We do them too!

Sign-up today and get the card reader for just £25 + VAT

Perfect for taxi drivers, delivery companies, market stalls, Christmas fairs etc.

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No set-up fees and no lock-in contracts, so you can concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

Credit Card Readers
Fast and reliable payments
Connects via cable to your smartphone
Chip and Pin or Contactless Payments
Authorisation via PIN - safe and secure
Card reader just £25 + VAT (Normally £59 + VAT)
No contracts, no set-up fees, no lock-ins
Flat rate of just 1.75%
Accept all major credit and debit cards
Sign up online in just 2 minutes!
Set-up and use on multiple devices with one account

The costs are very simple and very few
We offer clear and simple pricing plans, designed to meet the needs of your growing business.
And we never lock you in, so you can change plans anytime you like – as many times as you like.



For merchants who want an easy and reliable way to start selling quickly and efficiently

Create a personalised product library

Take payments, record sales and track inventory

Card payment transaction fee 1.75%

Deposits to your bank account within 1-2 working days

Daily sales reports in the portal

Phone and mail support Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm



For businesses that need the tools and support to grow, including everything you get with GO, plus:

Staff-level sales reports
Understand the sales performance of your staff members, across different locations.

Premium support
Prioritised weeknight and weekend support. Weekdays 8am - 8pm, Weekends 9am - 6pm.

Lifetime warranty for iZettle Reader
Enjoy hassle-free hardware with a lifetime warranty on our card readers


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Now pay the same fee, regardless of the card brand - Visa, MasterCard, even American Express
There's no difference in fees for different cards. Recording cash payments is always free.

Watch how we can help your business grow

The easiest way to get started with card payments

" We have been taking payments this way for some time now and it is impressive both to me
and my customers with the ease of use "
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Accept payments wherever you want, whenever you need to
No contracts, no monthly fees, no lock-ins


Enter an Amount

Launch the app, enter an amount and hand the reader to the buyer


Tap “Charge

Tap "Charge" then ask your customer to insert their card



Ask the customer to enter their PIN number securely.



Enter the customer’s email address to send a digital receipt

Get the card reader for just £25 + VAT
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In great company

The Lite is new, but it’s already loved by small businesses

Use it on your iPad or tablet

The iZettle solution also turns your iPad or Android tablet into your point of sale system. Store your products or services within the app and sort them into categories. This will allow you to take payments even faster.

Printers and reporting tools
Use iZettle on your iPad or tablet

Newspaper logos (as seen in)

Connects to your smartphone
Authorisation via PIN
Safe and secure
Connects to your smartphone

Connection via cable. Plug in, get paid. There’s nothing else to remember.
Authorisation via PIN

Your customers confirm all payments by entering their PIN on the card reader.
Safe and secure

Our service and card reader are EMV approved and PCI DSS compliant.

The same security as always
World-class certifications and state-of-the art technology

iZettle is approved by EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) and adheres to the requirements of the global PCI DSS for handling card data. All system development follows the industry-standard OWASP guidelines, and the entire system is hosted in a PCI certified server environment with 24-hour surveillance.

The same security as always

More Secure by the Minute

iZettle have advanced systems that monitor each and every transaction that’s being processed. There’s also an entire team dedicated to monitoring sign-ups, payments and deposits, and developing new processes that make sure that they stay at the forefront of security and risk management.

All traffic is logged and supervised to detect any unusual or suspicious activity, which means that as their system grows and develops, so do their security processes.

World-class Security

All sensitive data is encrypted, using advanced cryptographic algorithms, and protected by VeriSign Extended Validation SSL certificates. Chip-card data is encrypted in the card reader, and never stored on the device or smartphone. This means that if a mobile device or an iZettle chip-card reader is ever lost or stolen, card details and money remain safe.

People and Processes

To keep iZettle safe and secure, they need to know who we are working with. They have advanced processes for getting to know their users, and constantly monitor the systems for unusual or suspicious behaviour. Naturally, all employees, consultants and partners work in regulation with industry standard security protocols, and only staff with absolute requirement can access sensitive data. So if someone doesn't need the information, they won't see it.


Supports chip and magstripe
Supports chip and magstripe
If your customer’s card doesn’t have a chip, you can swipe it instead.
Authorisation via PIN
Authorisation via PIN
Lite adheres to the strictest security requirements, including PCI PTS.
Charge it anywhere
Charge it anywhere
Charge it Via your computer or a wall adapter, Lite uses a regular USB port.
Accepts all major cards

Accepts all major cards

You have questions, we have answers

Below are the most common questions we get asked

What is the transaction limit?

£200,000 is the daily transaction (processing) limit
£5,000 is the limit per card / per transaction

When do I get my money?

A maximum of £25,000 is available on your bank account 3 banking days after the transactions were made. If the transactions are for more than £25,000, then another maximum of £25,000 will be deposited to you the day after the first deposit was made. This will go on until all of your money has been deposited.

Can I see my transactions?

Yes, you simply login to your back office to view transactions and reports. Such as:

- Total sales volume
- How many payments you’ve accepted
- Date and time for the transaction
- Receipt number
- Total amount accepted, as well as the fee and net amount
- Card type and card’s last digits
- Staff member who accepted the payment
- Device used to accept the payment
- Description of the payment

What about accounting and reporting?

You simply choose which interval you want to learn more about, such as the period from the 1st of May until the 31st of August 2017, click on “Export to Excel” and you’ll get a complete report of the transactions made during this period. This file then provides a great base for your accounting

When do I receive my reader?

The Chip & PIN reader is delivered to you within 3-5 working days. As soon as the card reader has been sent to you, you’ll get an email which confirms that it is on its way to you.

Can I accept contactless payments?

Yes. Contactless payments are now accepted with the all new card reader. Plus payments are processed faster then ever.

Do you provide signs to let people know I take cards?

You can either download hi-res images from your iZettle back office or you can order stickers and signs from Vistaprint at a discounted price by clicking here

Can I accept cash payments too?

Besides card payments, you can also accept cash payments with iZettle. This makes it easy for you to keep track of all the payments you accept, whether they're made by cash or card.


Is it under warranty?

Of course. iZettle provides the card reader device with a 12 month warranty commencing on delivery or collection.

Can I use it abroad?

The service is currently live in twelve countries: Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Finland, UK, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and now Italy.

However it can only be used in the country you sign up to (are incorporated in)

How secure is it?

iZettle meets all the European card industry security requirements. We are EMV approved and comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, PCI DSS. All data traffic is encrypted and no information is ever stored on the device or on the iZettle chip-card reader - more >>>

Can I use a friends reader?

The Chip & PIN reader is not tied to a particular account and can be used with any iPhone, iPad, or Android device that has the iZettle app installed on it. (as long as it is compatible.) It can also be used on different iOS and Android devices.

iZettle on multiple devices

You can use iZettle on several devices, simply download the app to all the devices you would like to use it on and then sign in using the same details for all of them. You can also accept payments on multiple devices all at the same time

Can I make refunds easily?

You can refund your customers up to 30 days after they pay you by card. Just update your app and you'll be able to refund payments under Transactions in the menu. In addition, so that you always have funds available to refund payments, you can now choose to reserve a certain amount in your account.

Does it work indoors?

Unlike PayPal Here, Zinc and Payleven, our card reader uses Geolocation along side the internet rather than GPS as our system only needs the basic info to check if you are in your sign up country.

As it uses Geolocation via the internet instead of GPS we have never had any issues with the reader working indoors.

Can I provide a receipt to customers?

Once a payment has been completed, the app displays a window where you can choose to send the receipt via e-mail or to print the receipt. Printing can be done automatically everytime a transaction is made or manually as and when.

About Web-Merchant Services

Established in 1997 we set out to make taking payments quicker, easier and also cheaper.
All our staff are paid a salary and not commission which means you can have confidence that we will provide a payment solution that's right for your business, not ours -
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How do we compare?

PayPal Here £59 2.75%
WorldPay Zinc £80 2.75%
Payleven £60 2.75%
iZettle £25 1.75%

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