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Top Tips For Mobile Site Design

"Google data shows that most mobile use is in the evening"

When creating your mobile site ask yourself who your user is likely to be. Will it be someone sat on the bus going to work or someone sat on the sofa while watching TV? Is your content more likely to appeal to people ‘on the bus’ or people ‘on the sofa’? Which areas of the site will they be interested in and how should you make sure they get the best experience? It’s worth keeping both of these scenarios in mind, however Google data shows that most mobile use is in the evening

1. Keeping it simple

Whenever possible use a single column layout. One of the main effective mobile web layouts is simplicity. Keeping everything to a minimum is a simple and effective solution. Remember, you don't have as much space to play with as you do with a normal website. A simple mobile site will be more effective than one that feels bloated. Also remember that the fuller your site is the more time a device will need to download it.

2. Avoid Scrolling

Having to scroll down a page isn’t a fun experience for a mobile phone user. Remember that even though the iPhone and iPad has the ability to adjust a web page’s zoom depending on the orientation mode (portrait or landscape), not all devices have this ability.

3. Navigation and clickable links

Even though your main site may have drop downs and funky navigation etc. with your mobile phone site you need to remove all this and simplify it as much as possible. That said you still need to allow customers who to find the items they’re looking for. Especially if they already know the layout of your current site.

Another issue is clickable links, which is more of a problem with touchscreen devices. Therefore you need to make sure that your new mobile site has large and easy to use links. Also think about reducing the amount of clicks (this is good practice anyway).

4. Speedy checkout process

If selling on your mobile site, it is a very good idea to get the user to purchase the items as quickly as possible. One way to do this is to include a ‘direct checkout’ button on product description pages. Doing that allows customers to bypass steps and gets them through the checkout quickly.

5. Contact numbers

Mobile visitors are much more likely to call a number than standard website users. Therefore add phone numbers on every page so that users can simply click on the the number (make sure it's text not an image).

6. Minimise having to type

Using a phone to type can be difficult and frustrating, even for the most experienced. On top of this research has shown that users are far more averse to typing on phones than they are on desktops.

7. Big hands and fat fingers

If you have big fingers you are well aware of what a pain typing on a mobile can be, especially without having to zoom into it. Mobiles normally have small screens and using fingers as a pointing device isn't exactly a precise art. Therefore it’s important to make sure that any links and buttons are easy to click (using fingers and thumbs).

8. Speed

Desktop users normally use fast broadband. This may not always be the case for the mobile user. Ideally mobile sites should be designed around this fact and be optimised accordingly. For example keep images to a minimum, and if you do need to use them, keep them small and provide the user with the ability to increase the size if need be.

9. Redirecting users to your mobile website

To get a user to use your mobile site and get the best experience, you can either create a link to the mobile site or use a redirection, or like we do, a combination of both.

For option 2 to work, you will have to redirect traffic on your site automatically. For example, if a mobile device user visits your site (, then a bit of script will automatically directed them to

Feel free to use this code (It is best if this code is placed between <head> and </head> so it can be recognized first and redirect any mobile users quickly:)

<script type="text/javascript">

if (screen.width<800) {




What this code does is it says, "If the screen size of the device viewing this website is less than 800 pixels wide, then redirect them to" (replace this with your mobile site address).

10 . Testing, testing, testing

The first step you can take towards checking how your website looks on mobile is to test. If you are able to, test your site on an Apple iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy and an iPad, and you will have viewed your site through the eyes of 70-80% of mobile viewers.

Launch your web browser and enter your site’s URL. If it takes five seconds or less to load your home page, that’s good. If it’s 10 seconds or more, things need improving. As above you need to improve your website’s quality by providing tests on various devices with different screen resolutions, operating systems and performance features.

Need to go mobile but not sure how to do it?

Below you will find some useful sites that can help you get mobile quickly, and in some cases, for free!



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