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New to online payments?

Welcome to our version of 'A Dummies Guide to Online Payments'

You have heard stories about people making their fortune selling online. You are now ready to get stuck in, however, you’re not sure how to get started and what everything means. With this guide we will help you understand how online payments work and hopefully will get your business online and trading in no time!

Web-Merchant has brought together all the elements needed (merchant account and payment gateway) allowing your business to accept credit and debit cards from your customers. We have designed the application process to be as simple as possible so that you can apply for our merchant account at the same time as our payment gateway, with 95% of all applications being accepted.


It’s quick, easy & painless

For the purposes of this guide we are going to assume you are totally new to online payments and have no prior experience of taking payments online.


Forget about going straight to your bank for your merchant services. Because we are an independent provider, we make the task of accepting cards in your business a simple and straight forward process.

For much more detail on how it all works please visit our section on how it all works - read more >>


Will my business benefit from accepting debit & credit cards?

Yes, in today’s economic environment consumers and businesses expect to be able to use debit and credit cards to pay for their goods and services. Taking card payments means you can benefit from the total payment market opportunity, rather than just restricting your business to the amount of cash that your customer’s have in their pocket.


Processing payments

The first thing you need is a merchant account and payment gateway to process the payments.

The merchant account verifies credit card and customer information. This includes checking to see if the details supplied are correct (address, card number etc.) and if the card has been reported stolen, or has enough funds. If the transaction is successful, the merchant account then deposits funds to your designated bank account where you can then access them.

With all our accounts we provide both the merchant account AND the gateway.

A payment gateway is separate and acts as an intermediary between your website and all the banking systems. This is a seamless process and your customer does not interact with the gateway. The credit card details are submitted via the gateway, which securely sends the information through the relevant financial networks to the merchant account.

How it works diagram

How do customers actually pay me?

Now you know what happens to actually process a payment, you now need to know the methods to allow customers to physically pay you.

The two main methods for online payments are:

Through a website

If you are wanting to accept payments through your website you will need to have some sort of shopping cart or website which is integrated to the payment gateway and merchant provider. Once someone adds product(s) to the basket and wishes to pay, they will then be taken to a secure payment page where they can enter their credit card details.


Using a Virtual Terminal

To take credit card transactions over the phone (MOTO), you simply enter the customers credit card information onto a secure website that you access and submit the information to complete the transaction. The virtual terminal is like a payment page in reverse. However instead of the customer entering their details on your website, you complete it for them.

We provide a FREE virtual terminal with all our accounts.


Once someone buys from me, when do I get the money?

As part of the application procedure you must supply details of the bank account you wish funds to be paid into. This is the money that you have taken, minus any transaction fees, from customers using your website or virtual terminal.


Depending on which merchant account you choose depends on when you get your money. With the Standard Accounts you are paid (settled) daily. The High-Risk Merchant Account + Gateway is weekly, 12 days in arrears (subject to application).

Anything else I need to know?

Well that's the crux of it. However to enable you to get the merchant account and payment gateway you do need to make sure you comply to the following minimum requirements;

  • At least 18 years of age

  • Have a business Bank Account (unless sole trader)

  • Incorporated in one of the supported countries

  • Business must NOT be on the prohibited businesses list


How it all works

For a more detailed explanation of how the process works and what is involved, please click here >>>


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