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With the Control Panel you are able to:

Below are some guidelines on how to use the service:


Login in to the control panel here


Account details

The account details page gives you a snapshot summary of your service. It provides information on your billing, the amount of space you have used up (Storage), you bandwidth use (Max transfer), the number of mailboxes you have set up and are allowed to set up (Mailboxes), your redirections and auto-responders.

Mailbox management

Mailbox management page allows you to control various aspects of your e-mails configuration. In it you will see a list of all configured mailboxes and a button to create new mailboxes. On existing mailboxes you are able to create auto-responders, configure redirections to other e-mail addresses, change the account password and remove the account completely.

You are also able to create new mailboxes. To create a new mailbox,


Click the 'New Mailbox' button


Enter a username (this will make up the bit of the e-mail address before the @ symbol)


Select the domain that the mailbox will be using (from the drop down menu)


Enter and confirm the password


Click 'Save changes'. That's it, the mailbox is set up.

If you would like to configure an auto-responder or redirection;


Go to the Mailbox maintenance page.


On the mailbox on which you would like to set up the auto-responders click "Create responder and configure redirections".


To configure an auto responder, simply type the text of your auto-response into the "message" box and click the "save changes" button.


To configure a redirection, simply enter the e-mail addresses (separated by spaces) you wish to redirect to into the 'Mailbox redirections' box and click the "save changes" button.

Email redirections

You can redirect email address from your domain name to any other email address including addresses with other service providers and web mail based systems. To create an e-mail redirection


Click on the 'Email redirections' link in the left hand menu.


Click the 'New redirection' button.


Create the alias (the e-mail address that will be redirecting) by typing a username and selecting a domain for it to be used with.


In the 'recipients' box enter the e-mail addresses you would like to redirect to (separated by a comma ).


Click save changes.

Default email delivery

The default e-mail delivery page is used to configure what happens to email that is not delivered to user mailboxes or not caught by your custom redirection and auto responder rules. It is unnecessary if you have a catch all configured.

Real-time web stats

Full website statistics are available as standard on all Datagate Shared Business Hosting solutions. You can access your web statistics via your shared business hosting control panel or directly at:

Please click here for more information

Your personal details

Your personal detail section allows you to update your personal information and change your FTP / Control Panel password.

Logging off

Please use the log off button when you are finished your session as it will securely close down the connection and log you out of the system.


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