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Credit card processing for replica items

Working with different acquirers we can set-up merchant processing for many high risk companies. As the acquiring banks are located well outside Europe it also means that we can provide online payments to businesses incorporated in most Worldwide countries.

Please note that start-ups and new business are not allowed and we can only help established businesses with online processing history over £80k ($100k) a month

Due to the acquiring banks that we use all prices are quoted in USD

Application Fee:
Set-up Fee: $2,000
Monthly Fee: $150
Transaction Rate: From 6.5% subject to proven monthly turnover
Chargeback Monitoring (GBPP): $0.35 per transaction
AVS/Fraud Monitoring: $0.15
Gateway Fee $0.05 per transaction
Settlement: Weekly, 15 days in arrears *
Rolling Reserve: 10% of turnover, held 6 months **
Minimum Remittence Amount: $10,000
Initial Agreement Period: 12 months
Chargeback Fee: $35
Wire Transfer Fee: $45
Refund Fee: $1
Trading Currencies: Over 100 to choose from
Settlement Currencies: GBP, USD or EUR

Please note that Visa is set-up in the 1st month and then MasterCard in the 2nd month once minimum processing has been reached (£80k / $100k a month). Recurring payments is currently unavailable but will be launched this year.

For FAQ's for this account please scroll down

If you would like to apply please use the following online application form

Documentation and Requirements

The following documents and requirements are necessary (without exception):

  • Copy of passport for the owner and each director

  • Certificate of Incorporation/business registration

  • Copy of business/operating licence (if applicable)

  • 3 - 6 months’ processing statements from current acquirer

  • Chargebacks and refund statements
  • You must be processing online a minimum of £80k a month ($100k)

  • You must have a professional looking TRADING website (including all sub addresses if applicable)


Preventing GBPP Violations (Visa’s Global Brand Protection Program)

Many tobacco merchants are getting heavily fined by the card networks - Visa and MaterCard - due to fraud. Because of this we have teamed up with EcorePay to provide technology to help merchants prevent GBPP. With each transaction closely monitored, EcorePay will successfully minimise the occurrence of online fraud, providing you with seamless processing and keeping your chargebacks to a minimum.

How it works - Each time you accept a transaction, the transaction will go through the EcorePay system and be checked. The transaction will then seamlessly go from their system back to ours.

This extra security costs just $0.35 per transaction and could save you thousands in chargebacks and fines as well as stopping your MID from being shut down.

What is provided

As with all our accounts we provide the following as standard:

  • Merchant account and gateway

  • Free virtual terminal

  • 3D Secure
  • Comprehensive reporting tools

  • Over 100 supported trading currencies

  • Settlement currency (monies paid to you) in either GBP, USD or EUR

Full Reporting Tools

The back office contains a variety of reports to provide you with all the information you need on your merchant account to create and modify customer profiles, reconcile payment data, show refund and chargeback history and run reports.

Website Integration

There are two main ways to integrate your eCommerce website. The method you choose will depend on your individual requirements. We can provide either a complete API integration or free shopping cart plug-ins to Hikashop, Magento, Opencart, Oscommerce, Prestashop, Woocommerce and Zencart.

Need help with your integration? Please contact us as we can assist with integrating your website.

Application Procedure - how do I continue?

If you would like to apply please use the following online application form

Once we receive your initial application we will check it, request the above additional documents and send out a supplementary application to be completed and emailed back to us. Once these documents are received back to us we then send the 'complete' application to the underwriters to approve (or decline). This entire procedure normally takes 2 - 3 working days. Once approved the MID is set-up and agreements and integration details are sent out 24 hours later.

Please note that even though we will be using banks outside the United Kingdom, your application will be handled here in the UK so you do not have to worry about time zones or language barriers.


Privacy and Confidentiality

Fully compliant with (PCI DSS) | Data Protection Act 1998 Registration No. Z354474

To make sure we can help and to check that you are indeed processing the necessary volumes, we will need to see your monthly processing statements. Be assured that we take confidentiality very seriously and only share what is provided with our banking partners when setting up a merchant facility. It is important to us to maintain security and confidentiality for the purpose of trust.

What we DO with the information
Like with all our merchant accounts, we internally check that the information is correct and true and confirm trading volumes.

What we DON'T do with the information
We do not show it to anyone (other than the acquiring bank) or tell your current provider. In fact there is no way they can find out that you are moving etc. unless YOU tell them.

Who does Web-Merchant currently help? Even though we understand that people often like to know who we have helped and provided merchant services for, when it comes to our extremely high risk merchants, due to the nature of the businesses, we never reveal this information to anyone. Therefore please do not ask!


Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the FAQ's for our third party aggregated solution by clicking here.


* Funds are held for 15 days and paid every Monday. For example on the 13th all money from transactions will be paid to you 15 days later on the 28th

To overcome the barrier of a large cash deposit, the rolling reserve holds 10% of total approved transactions over the previous six month period. Following the seventh month of operation (and every month thereafter) the reserves generated from the first month of operation (and every month thereafter) will be forwarded to the merchant of each sale for a specified period, after which time it is paid to you.


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