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Third Party Processing

Are you using a third party to provide good or services?
Wanting to accept payments on behalf of another company?
High risk and looking for a third party processing account?

We often come across merchants who put themselves under the "3rd party processing" header, when in fact they are not doing third party processing at all. They are simply using third parties to help operate their business i.e. fulfillment house, drop shippers etc. However these merchants are not alone. Many banks, underwriters and payment providers get this wrong.

So, what's the difference?

  • 3rd Party Business: Using a fulfillment house, drop shippers or other third party to fulfill their orders.

  • Master Merchant Account: Accepting / processing cards on behalf of an entirely different business

  • 3rd Party Processing: AKA Aggregated Merchant Account - Using someone else's MID to accept payments

First of all - who can't we help

We are unable to provide services to businesses wishing to process credit cards for an entirely different company - Also know as 'Master Merchant' or companies using a drop shipping business model.

Now, who can we help

3rd Party Business Models - Because you may only take a payment for something which the fulfillment is under your complete control, it can be extremely hard to find a merchant account if this is not the case and you need to use "third parties" as part of your business model. For example what happens if a business providing car hire goes bust, the concert gets cancelled because the artist gets a sore throat or the takeaway gets delivered to the wrong house etc. However we may be able to help - for more info please click here >>>

3rd Party Processing Accounts (aggregated solution)
Normally we set-up merchants with their own direct merchant account. However to enable us to help certain high risk businesses, we use a third party processor A third-party processor lets you accept online payments without a merchant account of your own. Instead, they let you use their merchant account under their own terms of service- for more info please click here >>>




3rd Party Business Models

We may be able to help with the Solution Two Account

However there are certain points that need to be met. Below is a very quick bullet pointed list of the minimum amount you would need to have in place on your website and / or within your business. On top of this extra terms will be placed against the account by the bank.


  • Clear terms and conditions

  • Long refund policy (approx 30 days)

  • Good, clear contact details

  • Solid agreements with suppliers, fulfillment houses etc.

On top of these the following requirements may be placed:

  • 10% rolling reserve instead of 5%

  • 14 day settlement period instead of 7

  • If tickets, funds not remitted until after the event


Please be aware that until you apply we will not be able to provide an exact list of requirements or be able to say for sure what extra terms may be placed against the account. Obviously you do not have to continue with the application if you are offered terms that you or your business can not sustain.

Please note that if a longer settlement period or rolling reserve are needed these can be reduced after 6 months worth of trading. Typically from 10% down to 7.5% and then finally down to 5%.

Please click here for pricing and costs for our low risk solution


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