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Understanding the Solution Three documents

Important: Due to security, money laundering and privacy issues you must supply a land address and phone number when completing the documents. You may however, use a PO Box and a free phone or local charge number such 0845, 0800 and 0870 number etc. on your website

1. Application Instructions
2. Retailer Application

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Application Instruction

Once you have applied online and you receive the documents, please return the application forms duly completed in the name of the business to which the merchant account will be issued, and signed as follows:

For a sole trader, the owner of the business must sign.

For a partnership, all partners must sign.

For a limited company, a company director must sign.

Please return the following documents for every person who has signed the application:

A photocopy of your passport or driving license photocard, to confirm your identity.

An original utility bill, to confirm your current home address. This bill must be recent, and for a service provided directly to your home. Acceptable examples are gas, electricity, landline telephone bills or bank statements. Unacceptable examples are mobile telephone bills, vehicle registrations etc.

Please return the following documents for the business to which the merchant account will be issued:

A voided cheque, to confirm the bank account details of the business. The cheque must show the name of the business. A used cheque is not acceptable.

What happens next?

Once all forms and supporting documents have been received, your application will be assessed, you will then be contacted with a decision. You will also be contacted if any questions arise regarding your application.

The application instruction document informs you of what you need to do to complete the supported documents

Retailer Application

This document tells us about you, your business and the goods and services you supply. PO BOX addresses, non-geographic main telephone numbers (such as, 0870, 0871 and 0845) and free email addresses (such as, hotmail, yahoo and gmail) will not be accepted.

Retailer Application


Company Details

This first section is for the normal company details such as registered address, VAT number (if applicable), date of incorporation etc.


Business Details

Here we need to know more about your business and any previous credit issues


Directors and Owners

The first piece of the resolution has 4 places for signers and needs to be completed by at least one of the owners


Card Turnover and Banking Information

In this section we need to know about your estimated (or established) card turnover and the currencies you wish to take. It is also where you will need to provide your bank account details so we know where to pay you.


Nature of Business

Please provide a detailed description of exactly what your customers receive for their card payment? If the product or service you provide is fulfilled more than 1 month after payment is made please provide details


Delivery Information and Refunds

Please indicate as a %, the average time from when payment is taken to delivery of goods or service. Also If goods are returned, within how many days do you submit the refund?


PCI Compliance

Are you PCI Compliant? When do you expect the process to be completed? Do you intend to redirect your customers to a PCI compliant hosted payment page? etc


Website Integration

Please confirm what method of technical integration you intend to use. For example, which shopping cart solution are you using?


Website Requirements

If you are using a website to sell online you must comply with certain website requirements. These are mandatory and must be complied with before an application can be fully approved. If you have not developed a live website then a test (BETA) site will be adequate.

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