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FREE Virtual Terminal
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Virtual terminals

What is a Virtual Terminal?

As part of our payment solutions we provide a free virtual terminal to enable your business to process credit card transactions over the phone. Designed to be used on a range of devices and screen sizes, it can be accessed from anywhere with a secure internet connection. (also known as MOTO payments), you simply login to your secure virtual terminal and enter the credit card information in a secure browser.

Even better you can have multiple users at any one time. Perfect in a call centre environment.

No more waiting to process a transaction before another can be taken.

Information is encrypted using Thawte 2048 bit encryption systems
and our sophisticated risk management security.

How does it work?

1. Customer orders by phone with credit card
2. Login to the Virtual Terminal or VPoS
3. Enter the following details:
Customer Information - Name, Phone, Email, Address
Payment Information - Amount, Card Number, CVS
4. Click 'Process'
5. The terminal processes the transaction(s)

Please click here to view an online demo

On the move

The Virtual Terminal has been designed to be used on a range of devices and screen sizes. Therefore it can be accessed from anywhere with a secure internet connection.

What are the benefits?

When you're ready to process payments either over the phone or face to face, simply login and enter your customer card details

No complex software to install
Set-up recurring payments for automated processing of credit and debit card transactions
Web-based format allows for processing from most computers *
Allows simultaneous access for multiple users and locations
Intelligent and easy to use screen
No additional monthly fees

* The high risk account VPoS is not browser based and uses a Windows application that can not run on Apple applications

What are the costs?

Prices start from 1.5% per transaction and £20 a month

Please note that the virtual terminal is only FREE (unlike our competitors we do not charge an extra fee) when combined with one of our payment solutions. Like all virtual terminals, it must be used in conjunction with a merchant account and / or gateway to operate.

Depending on the account you choose depends on the pricing

The virtual terminal is available for free with all our online payment accounts...


With the Virtual Terminal you can pre-authorise an amount, such as a deposit. You can then cancel the transaction, complete it or just simply let the pre-authorisation expire after 7 days. **

As an example, lets say you own a vehicle rental company. You pre-authorise a deposit of £500 and then take a second (authorised) payment of £140 for the actual hire of the vehicle. Once the vehicle comes back safe and sound you simply cancel the pre-authorised amount of £500 (or let it expire), however if it comes back dented and scratched, you complete (or post-authorise) the transaction. The customer is now debited, and the funds that are made over to your account.

To complete a set of transactions that are currently on hold you can either complete each of the transactions individually or using the batch release facility you can automatically release any number of transactions by uploading a single batch file - all done within your CMS

* Only available with our solution one, high risk and adult accounts. Unfortunately recurring payments can not be set up within the virtual terminal with our solution two merchant account.

** MasterCard recently announced changes on how authorisations for Recurring transactions and MOTO payments have to be sent. MasterCard is no longer allowing pre-authorisations for Recurring and MOTO to be sent out for all MasterCard transactions. Instead, MasterCard now states that Recurring and MOTO transactions must be sent out as final authorisations.


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